A Little Dirt is a Good Thing


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In the last decade or 2 we have been seeing a rash of products aimed and keeping germs at bay.   We’ve begun using antibacterial cleaners on all surfaces in all rooms. Many parents have not yet got the message that broad spectrum antibiotic medications can be overused and often are! But recent studies suggest that they do kill germs, but even the good ones. They now see our immune systems as being just like all of our other systems- use it or lose it. To build a strong immune system kids have to be exposed to germs!


So, let’em play in mud, and jump in puddles. At home, use the “5 second rule” if the cupcake is dropped go ahead and eat it. If it’s dropped at a restaurant or say, the ER, toss it. No need to be crazy while working out the immune system.


Don’t rush to the doctor at the first sign of sniffles or coughs. In fact, only treat low grade fever of 99-100.9 degrees if your child is miserable. The same can be said of the common fevers of 101-103.5 for 24 hours or your child is miserable- whichever comes first. Fevers are your bodies way of killing viruses, so if possible, give your child’s body 24 hours to heal itself. But use common sense. This is not advice to ignore a sick child!


So, regular soap and water are great, and a little dirt is safe, just make sure you wash long enough. (you know you love singing Happy Birthday 2 x, right?). Deliberately exposing children to infection is wrong, but keeping them in a germ free bubble won’t help either!


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