Fling into Spring with These Cute Kids Crafts

April showers bring May flowers, but they also bring stir crazy kids. If you are struggling to figure out what to do with your little ones, craft time might just be the perfect option. Here are some fun spring crafts for young children, sure to please and calm.

Flowers, flowers everywhere! There are any number of cool and cute bouquets to make when the weather outside is less than delightful. Paper flowers are a classic and a favorite. String several sheets of tissue paper (or coffee filters, if you are in a bind) on to a pipe cleaner with one tip folded over. Crumple the top sheet over the second most sheet, etc, to create a lovely floral effect. If that sounds too tough, you can also cut out tissue paper in the shape of daisies and glue to a pipe cleaner, using a button as the middle bud.

For a cherry blossom tree, take a toilet paper role and cut one end into strips, or “branches”. Gluing very tiny pieces of pink tissue paper balled up, form blossoms on these “branches.” For a tougher bunch of flowers, glue colored popsicle sticks into a snowflake pattern with one outlying green popsicle stick as the stem. Once you’ve made your flowers, wrap a bottle or vase in yarn or cover in paint to finish your decorations. If you can only give up the bottom of a liter bottle, blot paint onto paper using that soda bottle to create the template for finger paint flowers.



You can start your garden inside in a couple of ways.  Kids can learn that roots always grow down and that stems always grow up with this experiment:  Take a quart size zip lock baby and place a slightly damp paper towel in it.  Take your seeds (bean seeds are great because they are big) place them on top of the damp paper towel and tap the bag to the window.  The seed should sprout in a few days to a week.  When they do spout you can turn them and the roots and stems should switch directions to keep going down.  After the seeds have sprouted they can be planted in small pots, the bottom of milk boxes or 2 liter  pop bottle bottoms.  Then when Spring arrives for good, the plants can be planted outside with a healthy start on the summer growing season!

For Easter time, consider getting your little guests together to build a better bunny. You can cheaply and easily set up paper plate bunny kits with some crayons, plates, and pink pipe cleaners. If you have a lot of glue and a lot of time, glue cotton balls to a tennis ball to make a pom-pom bunny you can toss around later. Enjoy traditional egg dying using either food die or natural dyes (such as onion skins and tea). Or, for very little ones (or vegans), buy wooden eggs and have little ones paint or draw  design before the eggs get hidden for an Easter egg hunt. There’s no end to the affordable, educational, crafty fun you and your little ones can have this spring.


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