Easy Spring Activities and Crafts for Kids

Spring is wonderful time to explore the outdoors with your children, and many activities feature ideas pertaining to flower bulbs, the changing weather, and animals. Try to incorporate as many hands-on activities as these not only help young children learn concepts faster, but it keeps them better engaged longer.Make rainbows together. Use prisms if you have them or make your own prism out of a clear glass cup of water. Place either in front of a sunny spot by the window and have the kids aim it towards some white paper. You’ll soon see a rainbow appear.
butterfly greenPlay in the rain. April showers are coming so grab your children, the raincoats and boats and play. Jump in the puddles, while explaining how the rain helps the new grass grow. Draw rainbows and flowers in sidewalk chalk near the puddles, since the colors always seem twice as bright when wet.

Make wind chimes out of household objects. Initiate a treasure hunt looking for items that make noise when they touch like shells, stones, and decorative beads. Assemble items with a hole punch and string, and then find a sturdy decorative top for the wind chimes, and hang it in a tree.

Create a play garden for your children to help plant and play. Teach them how to plant flowers in the dirt. Store old muffin tins, sand buckets, and watering jugs out there to help with the planting and for sensory play.

butterfly brown and pink
Plant a butterfly garden together.  Kids love butterflies and digging in the dirt so this is perfect. Choose a sunny spot away from the wind. Find a few flat stones that the butterfies can rest on and make a small pond of water in the mud. Use some blooming plants like hydrangeas or cornflowers, as well as food for the larva.
Make a DIY kite and fly it at a park.  See our last blog on kite making or here’s another method: attach two pieces of wood together and make it tighter with string. Outline the shape with more string. Cover the outline with a trash bag, or butcher paper and secure it tape. Cut two holes and lace your string through them to fly your kite. Add strips of an old towel for the tail and watch it fly through the air.

Let your kids play with natural play dough made with garden herbs.  Mix up your own play dough and add your own herbs from the garden like dill or basil for aroma. Show them how to make goop cupcakes and decorate them with flower petals.
Decorate Easter eggs.  Gather spring leaves from your backyard like ferns, dill or fennel. Place a flat leave over a cooled hardboiled egg. Cover both with a small part of pantyhose and stick it a cup of water and coloring for 20 seconds. Remove it and you’ll have a colored egg and a leaf design.

easter eggs

As you can see, there are numerous ways to celebrate and explore Spring without spending extra money. Most children get excited about digging in the dirt, splashing in puddles, or learning something new.



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