Fun things to do at Home: Kite Flying !

It's Spring

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring and April begins National Kite month so here’s some kite information you can use to have fun with your kids.

Kites can be great fun on several levels.

  •  You can craft them at home with bags or even duct tape.
  • And kites are one of the fun things you can do to hang out outside that are not routine.

 delta kite

Different kites work for different wind speeds.

  • Diamond shape, Delta shapes and Dragon shapes are best for light to medium winds.
  • While Box kites and Parafoils do well in medium to high winds.

All types of kites need60 to 100 ft. of string and more if the wind allows.

The best winds are from around 5 to 25 mph.  The leaves and bushes will be noticeably blowing, but will not be leaning—they will still be fluttering.

Medium winds are the most fun because you can make your kite “dance” by letting string out and reeling it in.

The best places to fly kites are in parks or fields.  Trees “eat” kites and it’s dangerous to be near electrical or phone wires.  Never fly a kite in a storm!

toddler kite

Here is a list of websites with great instructions for making your own kite:



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