Crafting Month Continues: Fun Things to do with Cherios

We are continuing with ideas made with things easily found around most homes.  The crafting item today is CHERIOS and/or FRUIT LOOPS. 

                             fruit loops

  • It’s easy to make a rainbow with Fruit Loops.  Just draw draw six concentric arcs.  The kids can glue the cereal pieces on the arcs.  (Use glue or frosting if you think the cereal will be eaten no matter what) The smallest arc will be for purple loops, the next blue.  The next arcs above will be for green then yellow loops. The last loops should be orange and red.  This color scheme is the closest to a real rainbow, so you can also use it as a mini science class.  (As sunlight passes into a drop of rain, water acts as prism & the ray is bent as it enters the drop and is separated into colors.   We see the colors when the light is bent – the rays are different lengths that create different colors. The visible colors from shortest to longest wavelength are: violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red.)                                                                                                                                                                                                    rainbow bowls 
  •  Of course, if your child is very young, or you don’t want to deal with  science on a Saturday, you are still honing small motor skills if your child just picks up and glues the cereal to the paper.  It builda coordination to pick up pieces of cereal one at a time.
  • If your child is just learning colors, set out some bowls and let her sort the cereal by colors                                ramekin
  • If She is learning  her alphabet or to spell her name,  let her use the cereal loops to create letters, or to spell.  Again, you can pencil a large letter shape and your child can follow the lines to create
  • letters or words
  • Letters on chalkboard



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