Parenting Tips: Making Puffy Paint at Home

Call it Clotted, Doughy, or Puffy; this paint is thick!

Paint doesn’t have to be flat, it can be thick and pop off the paper.  You can paint with it, squeeze it out from a bottle or baggie to the paper, even use a butter knife to create a painting that looks like VanGogh.

25 Amazing Van Gogh Paintings 2

To make Clotted Paint you will need:

¼ C flour

¼ C salt

¼ C water

2 TBS tempera power

a squeeze bottle or zip lock baggie ( put a glob of thick paint in the corner of the                   bag.  Zip it closed.  Make a tine snip in the corner of the bag where the glob is. Use           your fist to squeeze out the paint.  You may have to experiment a little to get  the feel               of how the paint comes out)

Mix all the ingredients together until evenly blended.

Pour into the bottle or bag.  Paint your masterpiece.

(This makes a fun name plated or decorates the top of a treasure box.)


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