Parenting Tips: Dressing Kids for Very Cold Weather

It’s snowy and kids get cabin fever too.  So here are some tips on dressing kids for snow play


Layers, Layers, and more Layers

The first layer should be a wicking material to keep moisture away from the skin. There are lots of brands but if you don’t have specific “moisture wicking” clothes for the kids, at least stick to some clothing that is partially synthetic- with spandex, wool, polyester blends so that sweat and water don’t stick to the skin and make kids cold

For colder days, a fleece top or jacket make a good second layer.

Moisture wicking applies to feet too!  More socks are not better.  More than one pair will wrinkle and bunch up-Yuck.  Combined with water proof boots and the kids feet should be fine.

You don’t have to go broke finding moisture wicking clothing- Big box stores have it, and kids grow fast so it’s easily found in thrift stores too- so go ahead, buy the cheap stuff.

The next layer should be water-proof coat, pants, and gloves or mittens.  Read labels; there’s a difference between waterproof and water resistant.  Water proof clothing doesn’t allow water to soak the clothes.  Water resisitant will repel the water at first, but can get waterlogged.  And that’s freezing.

Goggles or sunglasses with UV400 Protection  Children may not be as interested as adults are in the fashion aspect of “fashion eyewear”. But because kids spend much more time than most adults do outdoors and in direct sunlight, protecting kids’ eyes from ultra violet is especially important.

In fact, many experts believe our eyes get 80 percent of their total lifetime exposure to the sun’s UV rays by age 18. And since excessive lifetime exposure to UV radiation has been linked to the development of cataracts and other eye problems, it’s never too early for kids to begin wearing good quality sunglasses outdoors. Lenses in kids’ sunglasses should be clearly marked as capable of providing 100 percent UV protection, with UV400 rated lenses.

Finally, for all the same reasons your children wear bike helmets, ski helmets are a good idea if the kids will be sleding or skiing. Make sure the helmet fits correctly. A ski helmet is not an item you buy for your child to grow into. Educate your child about the benefits and limitations of the helmet. Wearing a helmet doesn’t give permission to ski or snowboard.

If a helmet is not necessary, put them in a warm hat  Kids should wear a hat or headband, 80 percent of heat-loss is through the head.


Plenty of sunscreen

Be sure they wear sun protection, even on cloudy days. The sun reflects off the snow and is stronger than you think! Winter  sun burns are no fun!


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