Learning At Home: Developing Fine Motor Skills

Eye-Hand coordination activites to do at home

  • You will need:
  • tweezers and/or tongs  pom poms or marbles or                                                                     small pebbles
  • Rounded safety scissors, construction paper, glue and                                                             or tape
  •  A skewer with a rubber band around it to make it  easy to hold                                                Or an oversized push-pin
  • A big plastic sewing needle and yarn and cardboard shapes                                                     with holes  punched
  •  A container and small objects to put in it

For the tweezers, put the pom poms, pebbles or marbles in containers and have your child move them to another container.

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Draw shapes  or lines on paper, give your child scissors and ask him to cut out the shape or along the line.  This is a learning activity- so don’t expect perfection!  Then let him loose with glue or paper to make a card or poster.

Make shapes with dots all over a piece of construction paper.  Give your child a something to poke with- a skewer or push pin and let her push the holes to create the shape.

Take a jar with a wide mouth and lid.  Depending on the age of your child you can leave the lid off and simply provide objects  like clothes pins, or pennies or beans to be dropped in the jar.  With an older child you can punch holes in the lid (or use an empty spice jar that has two openings- one to shake with and one for the measuring spoon).  Give your child toothpicks that have to be fitted through the holes to get them in the jar.

Cut shapes out of cardboard.  Use a hole punch and put holes around the edge.  Give your child a large plastic needle threaded with yarn and let her “sew’’ the edges.

All of these activities build eye hand coordination skills that will help when learning to read and write.  HAVE FUN!


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