PreSchool Sports and Fitness: Keep ‘Em Moving

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Keeping kids fit is an increasing concern for anyone raising children today. Getting kids moving at an early age and shaping great habits is the best way to ensure a lifetime of fitness for your kids. Preschool fitness activities don’t have to involve organized sports, and don’t have to include complicated equipment. Sometimes the best fun is had with some items around the house and a willing parent.

Get Outside
The first and easiest way to help build strong kids is to get them outside. Most kids are naturally creative and curious, and given the very basic of tools and toys, simply being outside will inspire kids to create their own preschool fitness activities. Bikes and trikes, balls of different sizes and types, sidewalk chalk and bubbles, all will inspire play. Try to get kids out every day, even if it’s only for a short time, to set the stage for a lifetime of outdoor sports and activities.

Simple Outdoor Games
Everyone needs a little inspiration now and then. If your preschoolers are looking bored out in the yard, these backyard preschool fitness activities are sure to liven things up a bit.

  • Golf. A few plastic cups, some sticks, and small balls make a great impromptu golf set. After a few rounds, kids will be coming up with tricks and “hazards” and having fun.
  • Obstacle Course. Arrange a few items like lawn chairs and hula hoops to create an obstacle course.
  • Backyard Bowling. Line up empty containers from cereal, oatmeal, drinks, etc., and roll a small ball to knock down as many as you can. This can be transferred indoors on a rainy day as well.
  • Mother May I. Some of you might remember these games from your own childhood. One person stands several feet away from the others who stand in a line. Kids take turns asking “Mother” if they can move forward using different steps. For example, “Mother may I take three giant steps”, or “Mother may I take six baby steps”. The first one to reach “Mother” wins.

Rainy Day Ideas
If the weather is preventing you from getting outside, try these indoor games to get kids moving.

  • Balloon volleyball. Get kids up and moving without risking any broken windows. Be careful, of course, when playing with balloons around babies and toddlers as they pose a serious choking hazard.
  • Treasure Hunt. Make lists of several things for kids to find around the house like pencils, books, buttons, etc. Draw pictures for kids that can’t read, and have a prize for the winner.
  • Hide ‘n Seek. Kids may be terrible at hiding, but play along and a game of hide ‘n seek can keep a preschooler busy for hours.
  • Forts and Boats. Couch cushions and bed sheets can transform a simple living room to an adventure island. The couch is the “island” and the floor is the “water”.  Use wooden spoons or other items for paddles, and start telling a story. It usually only takes a few sentences before kids are off and running on an imaginary adventure.

Preschool fitness activities shouldn’t be a chore, and they don’t have to involve organized sports or regimented exercise. Preschoolers just want to have fun and to play. Making sure that your kids are running, jumping, and moving around as often as possible will keep their bodies strong and their minds sharp. Getting them used to plenty of activity every day will establish a lifetime of good habits and a love for being active that will stick with them through adulthood


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