Parenting Tips: Getting the Kids to Bed Before You Drop

sleepy family

When the kids don’t sleep no one sleeps.  And, well rested children do better in school, have more fun throughout the day, are less prone to mood swings and more prone to obesity.  So it’s a good idea to make a plan so the kids go to bed the same time every night, preferably before you drop, because adults who are sleep deprived have the same issues as sleep deprived children.  They too have problems concentrating, staying on an even keel and often eat more just to have the energy to keep going

With a little creativity you should be able to beat the bedtime blues and have peaceful evenings. Try a few different things until you figure out what works best for your particular situation. However, once you’ve decided to do something about taking control be ready to be consistent and to deal with a bit of resistance until your new schedule becomes routine

In today’s unbelievably busy world, it can sometimes be a challenge to set a regular schedule for family. But, that’s where it basically begins, as having a familiar routine is the first place to start getting the children to bed at a reasonable hour every night, including weekends and vacations.   Start with  the old traditions that are still around for a reason- they worked for countless generations before us.

  • such as fixing them a nourishing dinner,
  • no t.v. or video games after a specific time
  • a relaxing bath,
  • a bedtime story, song.

Regardless of how many children you have or how young they may be, it’s never too early to start a regular evening routine. In fact, the sooner you introduce your kids to nights filled with tranquility, the more likely they’ll be to cooperate with you while they’re growing up. Though if you’re still finding it hard to handle, another thing you can do is talk with your friends and relatives or even co-workers who have kids, to see if they may have additional ideas that work for them. Yet, hopefully the information in this article you just read, will help you get your kids to bed!


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