Parent Tips: How to Manage Your Child’s Screen Time

baby with computerIt is hard being a parent, you want to give your children your time and attention but you also have things that you need to get done.  Televisions and computers can seem like a good way to keep kids busy while you get these things done, but is excess screen time doing more harm then good and will not help them with their preschool readiness skills.
Consequences of Excess Screen Time

Increased screen time including tv, video games and computers could be a major contribution to our childhood obesity rates raising.  More time sitting, less time moving.  There is also a link to overeating and excess screen time, we have all sat and ate not even paying attention to how much we are actually consuming.

Other concerns are that our children no longer know how to entertain themselves this is an important school, especially when it comes to preschool readiness.  They are so used to grabbing a screen when they are bored and a large percentage of the things they are viewing or playing are not educational.

Reading this we can all realize that reducing screen time is a great idea , but is it practical in the day to day functioning of your home. How do parents get time to complete household tasks, cook and take a little me time.
Reducing Screen Time

Going cold turkey with screen time is not always the best idea and may just do the opposite. You may all feel overburdened by the changes and be so stressed that you end up watching more tv to feel relaxed.

Coming up with a plan can reduce screen time and help your children to realize there are other things they enjoy doing.

When it comes to screen times come up with a plan of how much tv you would like your kids to be watching.  Pick programs that are educational so that your child is learning while watching.  Thirty minute programs are perfect to keep your child entertained while you finish things up.

When you do reduce your screen time with your children introduce new experiences.

  • Take them to the library or book store and let them pick out books that interest them.  You can then institute reading time where your child goes to a comfortable place and reads or looks through their books while you get dinner ready or clean the bathroom.
  • Remove any screens from your child’s bedroom, let your child explore their room. You will be amazed what they have forgotten they have.  Your child may just remember their love for blocks, cars or dolls.
  • Have your child help out with chores, even the youngest of toddlers can help with small jobs.  Studies have shown that children that are actively involved in housework feel more responsible for the environment they live in.  Grab a soft duster or a spray bottle with water and let them help clean the windows and furniture while you get other things done.
  • Have a box that you keep for moments when you need a little quiet time, keep arts and craft supplies, small building block sets, activity books and other things your children may really enjoy doing.  To get the most out of this you will want to ensure they can do these things without assistance.

Remember as a parent we all have a lot on our plates, that dirty dish in the sink or messy bathroom can sometimes wait and on the other hand letting our children learn to occupy themselves is a great life skill that will benefit them and assist with preschool readiness.


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