Parent Tip: Baby Talk is Valuable


Scientists and language experts agree, as a parent, you have a vital role in helping your baby learn to talk. If how to teach my baby to talk is on your mind, don’t let it worry you too much. Actually, it is very easy to do. Just speak to your baby frequently. And, pay no mind to those that warn you away from baby talk. There’s nothing wrong with it. In fact, it even has an official name – infant-directed speech – and is a part of how talking to babies in many cultures.
Baby Talk Is Valuable

There is a parenting faction that insists that babies should be spoken to in the way we speak to everybody else, claiming failure to do so will result in poor speech habits. Not true, say scientists and language acquisition specialists. The higher pitched tones of voice are attractive to babies. The exaggerated and highly enunciated vowel sounds help babies to hear and absorb the sounds that make up language, encouraging imitation and helping them form words. So, if infant-directed speech, to use the technical term, is what you’re comfortable with, baby chat away.

Why Talk To Babies?

Keeping a running dialogue can feel a little silly when you know that your baby really doesn’t understand what you are saying about your daily routine. However, talking to babies is important, even if they don’t yet understand the words. They are learning that this is a means of communication, one that they can use to get their wants and needs met. When you talk to your baby, you are showing your baby the tools to leave crying aside and tell you what he or she needs. Expose your baby to a variety of words and types of talk. Be expressive with your facial expressions, as well as your voice.

Encouraging Baby To Talk To You

Your baby will learn the pattern of conversation long before he or she learns to say words. Babies learn that when they are spoken to regularly and when they are around people talking to each other. Your baby will start to imitate the back and forth of conversation, making little noises in response to what you say to him. Encourage this give and take by answering your baby in return and waiting for him to reply. This is something to celebrate, a learning to talk milestone.

Gradual Correction

The very first words your baby speaks will likely be a little difficult to understand. You may have to pick them out of a flood of other syllables that don’t yet have serious meaning. But, as time goes by, the words will become clearer. Positive re-enforcement is the best tool for speech correction at this point and for the near future. Encourage correct pronunciation by repeating your baby’s words, but saying them slowly and correctly, allowing your baby to watch how your tongue, teeth and lips work together in the process of forming words. Don’t push too hard at this early stage. Some consonants will wait years to be pronounced correctly, as they rely upon the development of specific oral muscles.

Enjoy Your Baby

The time you spend chatting to your baby is time well invested. Baby talk, word play, silly songs and describing the diaper changing process, these are all valuable to your baby’s speech development. With every word, with each pause signaling it is your baby’s turn to talk, your baby learns valuable things about communication and how to talk. The best technique for teaching your baby to talk is to talk with your baby and enjoy it.


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