Kids Grow by Ages and Stages- But at Their Own Speed

ages stages collageWhen it comes to our children we only want the best for them.  As parents or caretakers this can mean that we often compare what our child is doing to a child that is the same age. It also means that we can obsess over the things our children aren’t doing. This can cause stress and anxiety,  all children grow at different rates and pass those magic milestones at different times.

Here are some very basic guidelines at some of the more general questions asked by concerned parents or caretakers.

Child development – How to know if your child is developing as they should be can be tricky.  For example some children get there first teeth as soon as three months and some may not till they are nearly 1 year old.  Put down the books and ask your pediatrician if you are concerned that your child’s development is not where you feel it should be.

Ages an Stages –  Ages and Stages means just as it sounds.  It doesn’t mean that as soon as your child turns three they should be able to go potty, it is general stages they will go through as they pass through age brackets. There are lots of general guides out there as to what stages your baby, toddler or child should be going through between certain ages. One tool that I have seen used a lot by childcare centers is the ages and stages questionnaire.  These can give you a basic guidelines so you know what to ask your child’s educational carer or doctor.

The questions of when should my baby, when should my preschooler? This can relate to many things from when should my baby crawl, turn over or when should my preschooler stop sucking their thumb.  Once again there is no magic answer to these questions.  Each child is different. Here are a few examples of things that will completely depend on the individual child.

  • Tummy Time – Some babies love tummy time and will roll over quite quickly, other babies do not care for it one bit.  This can sometimes relate to a baby having tummy troubles as it can actually hurt their tummy and sometimes it is just that they have no interest.
  • Crawling –  Watch a group of babies and you will see so many variations of movement in play.  From the knee drag to the commando roll.  Each baby will move differently and just because they are not doing what is to be considered a normal crawl doesn’t mean there is something wrong.  Some babies actually skip the crawling and take off walking.
  • Thumb Sucking – When it comes to other things like thumb sucking I have known preschoolers that will give it up all by themselves and others that have needed assistance.
  • Potty training –  Some children will take to potty training like it is nothing and others will do anything to avoid sitting on that potty.  Watching your own child’s cues is the best way to get a feel for when they are ready to start potty training.  Starting too early may cause a delay in the entire process.

As a parent or caretaker only you know what is happening in your childs life.  You will know if something doesn’t feel right or if you need to give your little one some extra time to hit those ages and stages markers.  Trust your instincts and always reach out to a professional if you feel something is truly wrong.

When it comes to your child remember they are already a small individual, there will never be a one size fits all answer.


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