Giving our Children the Gift of Independence

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Teaching your child problem solving skills is a gift that will become more valuable over time.  Allowing them to practice on the seemingly little problems that arise day-to-day will prepare them for the major problems that arrive with the increase of age.

Peer Pressure

Studies have shown a correlation between drug and alcohol use and lack of problem-solving skills.  A child who is confident can more easily walk away from the pressure of others her age when they offer such things.  Problem-solving skills increase a child’s self-confidence and let her know the power to choose is within her.  Being able to draw on that strength when nobody is around to help will help keep her from making the incorrect choices.


Another correlation has been discovered between lack of problem-solving skills and suicide.  In an age where bullying has caused many young kids to feel trapped and see no way out but suicide, it is essential that problem solving skills be strong.  Starting early, you can give your child the knowledge she needs to stand up to bullying and have the confidence to say “I won’t stand for this because I know how to end the bullying.”  Knowledge is indeed power.

Life Decisions

Down the road, your child will need to choose a career, a life partner and make other life changing decisions.  A strong grasp of problem solving skills will help help make the best choices without having to rely on others.  We won’t always be there to hold her hand and guide her and it is good to know she has the knowledge and strength to handle these decisions adequately.

The Future

Don’t be surprised if, once your child begins to grasp problem-solving skills, they jump in readily to help others.  They get to the point where it is automatic.  Two children and their parents were outside a store and near one of those horses you put a quarter in to ride.  Both were no more than 4 years old.  The mother of the little girl on the horse was having a horrible time trying to find change while her daughter screamed and cried.  Holding his mother’s hand, the little boy looked up at his mother and asked, “Mommy, why doesn’t she just use her imagination?”

Even if your child is already in grade school, it is not too late to teach necessary problem solving skills. Adults who missed out on learning have been able to pick up the skills, often after years of trial and error and much frustration. Start now and your gift becomes not only one of problem solving skills, but also one of self confidence and inner strength.  Other than your love, what better gift can you give?


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